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Timber Swings and Climbing Frames (Questions on Cracks in the Timber)

A Common Question that gets asked is about Cracks that appear in Wood.


Wood. by definition cannot be defective, there is nothing to go wrong other than obvious rot which is very rare in graded timber which Playground Equipment is made of.


If you experience cracks and splits in your timber, it is not a ‘defective’ product, nor is the strength impaired, it simply is timber exhibiting it’s normal state and characteristics.


This should be fully understood and expected when buying any timber product for your garden. Sometimes these cracks can open up alarmingly large but remember it is entirely normal and once the inner core has dried the crack will close up.  Likewise as the moisture in the air increases so will the free water absorbed by capillary action in the wood and once again the cracks will close up.


None of these splits or cracks in the timber will affect it’s structural integrity or inherent strength.


If however, it concerns you I recommend the use of a good quality timber treatment as this will restrict the moisture both entering and leaving the wood.


Below are two Images taken over a couple of months  that show the cracks on a post that have appeared in the dry weather.


First Image was taken at the height of the Summer


Cracked Timber at height of the Summer.



The Second image Shows the moisture content returning to normal  with the Cracks Closing up


This image was taken towards the start of the Winter

Cracks Closed up when moisture Equalises


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